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Response may refer to:

  • Call and response (music), a common musical structure
  • Reaction (disambiguation)
  • Request–response
    • Output or response, the result of telecommunications input
  • Response (liturgy), a line answering a versicle
  • Response (music) or antiphon, a response to a psalm or other part of a religious service
  • Response, a phase in emergency management
  • Response rate (survey)

Proper names and titles[]

  • Response, a print and online magazine of Christian thought published by Seattle Pacific University
  • Response (album), a studio album by Phil Wickham
  • Response (company), a call centre company based in Scotland
  • The Response (film)
  • The National War Memorial (Canada), titled The Response
  • The Northumberland Fusiliers Memorial in Newcastle upon Tyne, titled "The Response"

See also[]

  • Action (disambiguation)
  • Answer (disambiguation)
  • Reply (disambiguation)
  • Response variable, or the realization thereof
  • Responsions, an examination formerly required for a degree at Oxford University
  • Stimulus (disambiguation), evokes a response
  • Stimulus–response model, in statistics
  • Transient response (electrical and mechanical engineering)
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